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All students and staff have the right to procedural fairness and to learn and teach in an environment free from disruption, intimidation, harassment and discrimination.


There will be cases of unacceptable behaviour where it will be in the best interests of the school community and/or the student involved, for the student to be removed from the school for a period of time or completely.  Suspension and expulsion are the options available to the Principal in these situations.  In such cases of unacceptable behaviour, parent(s) or carer(s) should not be asked to keep students at home without the formal imposition of a suspension unless this is for the remainder of a school day as part of an approved behaviour management program.


The Principal must also ensure that the implementation of these procedures takes into account factors such as the age, individual needs, any disability and developmental level of students.


Suspension and expulsion fall within the school’s student welfare and discipline policies. It highlights the parents’ or carers’ responsibility for taking an active role, in partnership with the school, to modify the inappropriate behaviour of their child. The School will work with the parent(s) or carer(s) with a view to assisting a suspended student to re-join the School community as quickly as possible.


The principles of procedural fairness are fundamental to the implementation of these procedures. Procedural fairness is generally recognised as having two essential elements, which are:


  • the right to be heard, and

  • the right of a person to a fair and impartial decision.


In determining whether a student’s misbehaviour is serious enough to warrant suspension or expulsion, the Principal and Deputy Principal will consider the safety, care and welfare of the student, staff and other students in the class.




2.1 Suspension

The School Principal may suspend immediately if a student:


  • Is physically violent.

  • Is in possession of a firearm, prohibited weapon, or knife.

  • Uses, or is in possession of, a suspected illegal substance or supplies a restricted substance.

  • Use of an implement as a weapon or threatening to use a weapon.

  • Serious criminal behaviour related to the School.

  • Persistent misbehaviour.

A formal disciplinary interview must be held with the student prior to making the decision to suspend.  The School Principal will ensure that the student is given explicit information about the nature of the allegation(s) and is given the opportunity to consider and respond to the allegation(s).


The length of the suspension will vary according to the nature and severity of the student’s behaviour.

2.2 Expulsion In serious circumstances of misbehaviour the School Principal or his delegate may expel a student of any age from the School. The School Principal or his delegate may also expel a student of post compulsory school age for unsatisfactory participation in learning. In all cases where consideration is being given to expelling a student, the gravity of the circumstances require that particular emphasis be given to procedural fairness issues. When considering the expulsion of a student for misbehaviour, the School Principal or his delegate will: Ensure, except as a result of a serious incident, all appropriate student welfare and discipline strategies have been implemented. Arrange a formal disciplinary interview with the student (and observer/parent) and will ensure that the student is given explicit information about the nature of the allegation(s) and is given the opportunity to consider and respond to the allegation(s).

​ Ensure that the key features of the interview are documented in writing.

​ In writing, notify the student and parents that expulsion is being considered giving reasons for possible action.

Having reached a decision to expel a student from the School, the School Principal or his delegate will:

Inform the student and the parent(s) or carer(s) in writing. This formal advice should also restate the right to appeal the decision.

International Maarif Schools of Australia do not use the exclusion.


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