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STEM education is the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary or integrated approach. Students gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills within an authentic context. It may include inquiry and project-based learning.



A vibrant capacity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is pivotal to increasing our nation’s productivity.


Our school is focused on improving STEM and language education to engage our students in science and technology lessons with a variety of STEM materials. Our language lessons have been developed to provide further STEM materials for students to engage in STEM contexts. Our lessons have been designed to encourage innovative and creative thinking with the integration of ICT. Learning is a process of active constructing by students, and new knowledge is constructed on a framework of previous understanding based on a constructivist perspective. To have a meaningful learning, students need to engage in the learning process. In International Maarif Schools of Australia, learning will be an active process rather than passive; learners construct their knowledge, learning involves the interactive processes of sharing, discussion and negotiation. Scaffolding will occur when students are asked to perform a task and support is provided by the teacher to enable them to complete the task.

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