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International Maarif Schools of Australia (IMSA) has a duty of care regarding the health of its students and must be in a reasonable position to provide first aid and temporary care for students when they become unwell. The sickbay is an important facility in addressing the health issues of students. The room is easily accessible and is monitored by a support staff member (Deputy Principal in Telopea). The sickbay must always be fully resourced and maintained. The sickbay must be furnished with a refrigerator, lockable cupboard, daybed, a sink with hot and cold water, a fully stocked first aid kit, a screen and chairs. All IMSA staff will be required to have up to date first aid training.




  • Sick or injured students must report to their class teacher or to the Deputy Principal if illness or injury occurs during recess, lunch or during any time when the class teacher is not present


  • Students must then proceed to the sick bay with a note


  • Students must be assessed by a Qualified First Aid staff member (Deputy Principal in Telopea or trained classroom teachers) who must take reasonable steps to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the student


  • The student may return to the class, rest for a short while, be sent home or an ambulance called


  • Parents/guardians will only be contacted when students are sick and need to be sent home or when an ambulance has been called


  • If parents/guardians cannot be contacted, then emergency contacts will be called to notify them to make arrangements in a timely manner


  • International Maarif Schools of Australia will not be held liable for an ambulance or medical costs


  • The names of all students who present in the sick bay must be recorded in the sick bay register


  • The Qualified First Aid staff member (Deputy Principal in Telopea or trained classroom teachers) must follow all safety procedures


  • Students may only access the sick bay when accompanied by IMSA staff




  • Where medication must be taken by a student during school hours, all information about the administration of the medication must be provided to IMSA. The School must keep a record of the students’ names, class, type, time and dosage each time medication is taken by a student. All medications will be stored in the lockable first aid cupboard or fridge if required

  • For children with conditions such as diabetes, asthma or allergies that could lead to anaphylaxis a photograph of the student, together with a description of the medication plan must be on display in the sick bay in an appropriate place


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