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Maarif’s education is student-focused; seeking to integrate the pursuit of academic excellence, the acquisition of skills and the development of the student’s character. Research shows that the greatest factor impacting the learning of children is the quality of the teacher in the classroom. Teachers will join the Gallipoli Campus with varying levels of experience and expertise, including new graduates, and as such appropriate professional learning, sharing, support and mentoring are vital to ensure the school retains and develops its teachers. Teacher Accreditation and Appraisal are processes that support and promote quality teacher but further to this are the professional practices integrated into the everyday approach to teaching at the school.




Teacher Quality

The school will have a management structure that includes a position that maintains oversight of the quality of practices in the classrooms as well as with adherence to the syllabus implementation. The document Quality Teaching outlines how the school will demonstrate processes that enhance teacher quality.  All teachers will be employed in accordance with the school’s Staffing Policy and Procedures and will undertake an induction.  Prior to being employed, teachers will be required to provide their Teacher Accreditation Number to the school. 


The school has in place a Teacher Accreditation Policy that includes the procedures for recording, supervising and supporting teachers to progress or maintain their accreditation.


The school will have a Teacher Appraisal process which is directly related to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The Appraisal process includes professional reflection, professional goals and professional learning.




The school will maintain currency with the implementation of all mandatory syllabuses as well as Languages.  The appointed person with oversight for programming, assessment and reporting will supervise the curriculum


The syllabus frameworks provide a set of broad learning outcomes that summarise the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes essential for all students in all learning areas to succeed in and beyond their schooling.


The school will cater for diverse learners including students with special education needs, gifted and talented students and students learning English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D).


The school will apply its documented procedures pertaining to Assessment and Reporting as well as adhere to the timetabling requirements outlined in its curriculum planning. 

When staffing for 2019 is established, the mapping and alignment of all curriculum will be achieved.  This means that the scope and sequences, assessment grids, units of work and reporting of student achievement will be consistent. Oversight of this will be delegated to an appropriately qualified and experienced educator appointed by the school.




Facilities, resources and equipment will be planned and purposely established to meet the educational and welfare needs of the students at the Gallipoli Campus. The school is committed to pursuing academic excellence and this must be supported by having a learning environment that is tailored to the needs of each KLA.


Student Welfare


Maarif Schools recognise that for effective learning to take place students need to feel safe and supported.  The school’s policies, procedures and guidelines for Behaviour Management, Child Protection, Counselling, Grievances, Learning Support, Pastoral Care and Leadership, Grievances and Anti Bullying are to be promoted and integral to the day to day operations at the Gallipoli Campus.




The school promotes regular and consistent attendance in order to achieve optimal learning outcomes for all students.


The school will adhere to the ACARA National Standards for Student Attendance Data Reporting and will monitor the daily attendance and absence of students in line with its stated documentation. The school will follow the requirements for record keeping at the time of enrolment as well as when a student leaves the school.  Maarif Schools – Gallipoli Campus understands the Exemption rules and procedures and will follow the Ministers’ Codes for the Attendance Registers.

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