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IMSA Project (SSD-8926) Details

The proposed International Maarif School of Australia(IMSA), Gallipoli Campus will be the first of its kind in Australia, catering to students from years K to 12 in an integrated education campus. Ultimately the design is for 728 students as a two-stream school to meet the growing need for a contemporary educational facility which services its local community in the same faith and culture.  The three-storey urban proposal incorporates primary and secondary general, specialist and support facilities organised around a central community heart.

       The proposed school site in Auburn has a strong sense of connection being in close proximity to the iconic Gallipoli Mosque and good access to supporting local and community services such as sporting & recreational facilities. The proposal goes beyond a collection of classrooms and corridors, in providing a strong sense of community both internally and externally.  

      IMSA Gallipoli Campus Stage 2 building will cater for 392 students plus staff in an integrated education campus. The delivery of stage 2 will need to consider the ultimate development, which is designed to cater for a total of 728 students when all stages of the project is completed. The school will cater for two stream school to meet the growing need for an educational facility which services its local community in the same faith and culture. The Stage 2 three storey urban proposal incorporates the main building which focuses on primary students, specialist and support facilities organised around a central community heart. The project consists of the Design and Construction of a new primary school building to accommodate a maximum of 392 students and 28 full-time-equivalent staff. The project scope includes construction of a three storey building with a basement carpark, 14 GLAs, four prac rooms, seminar and office space, shared breakout area, food technology kitchen, storage rooms, and covered outdoor learning space. 

The Stage 2 project is split into the following packages: 

  1. ECI Phase - Develop the design to 50% Detailed Design and provide a Main Works Offer.  

  2. Early Works Part 1 - Demolition of the existing warehouse and installation of demountable buildings to extend the existing school’s capacity 

  3. Early Works Part 2 – In order to progress design to a greater level, obtain a greater level of trade pricing and provide a thorough review period without impacting the overall duration of the project. The Early Works was extended to incorporate a portion of the main works, this included moving the bulk excavation and piling scope from the Main Works to the Early Works, allowing the groundworks to commence whilst the MWO was being finalised.  The design documentation was also progressed to 100% Detailed Design to obtain greater market pricing, therefore gaining better value for money for the client. 

  4. Main Works - Construction of the three storey building including basement level and associated landscaping (excluding scope re-allocated to the Early Works) 


Key Achievements ( past 2 weeks)

  • Concrete Pours completed except for Pour 3 for L1, L2 & L3 and Pour 2 for L3

  • Interior partioning commenced

  • Basement blockwork commenced

  • Services cabling commenced

Upcoming Activities ( next 2 weeks)

  • Continue with Interior partion works

  • Complete basement blockwork

  • Concrete Pour 3 of L1 & L2

Development Consent 
Assessment report
Notice of Decision
Compliance report 
Modification 1 Consolidated Consent

Modification 2 Consolidated Consent
Douglas Partners Audit Report
Pre-Construction Compliance Report Stage 2B
SSD-8926 Approved Plans
Complaints Register
Construction Enquiries or Complaints 
Contact Name: Izzet Anmak
Contact Number : 0400445483

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