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1. What does International Maarif Schools of Australia offer our child?


International Maarif School of Australia (MAARIF) aims to establish an independent coeducational school offering educational programs endorsed and approved by NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) from Kindergarten to Year 12. Maarif Schools recognise that for effective learning to take place students need to feel safe and supported. 

In 2022,  the proposed school provides for Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2 , Stage 3 (K-6), Years 7 and 8.


2. What is the school mission?


The mission of the school is to carry out comprehensive training activities based on the common accumulation of wealth of knowledge of humanity all over the world and the wisdom of the tradition of schooling in Australia where staff, students and the parents work hand in hand to achieve academic spiritual and emotional excellence as well as developing a commitment to lifelong learning.



3. What are the school fees?


They are listed on the school webpage.



4. What is the procedure for enrolling my child?


Parents wishing to enroll their child at a school will be made aware of the culture of the school, its education offerings, the terms on which a child is enrolled as a student and the responsibilities of parents of children enrolled before the parent makes a commitment.


The procedures for enrolment of students will include the following elements:

  • A background document (eg Prospectus) will be prepared to provide an outline of the school's programs including academic courses and other activities and the school's philosophy. It will be made clear that the programs may vary from time to time. The document will avoid extravagant claims or giving promises of particular outcomes.

  • An application form will be provided which is sent with the background document and a document outlining the conditions of entry of the school.

  • At some stage, there will be an interview with the parents and the child to assist in establishing that the expectations of the parents can be met.

  • A letter of offer of enrolment will be sent to the parents of the student(s) which again contains the conditions of entry to the school.

The parents may accept the offer, agreeing to the terms.

5. Does the school charge an enrolment fee/enrolment deposit?


There is no enrolment fee at International Maarif Schools of Australia.


6. Can Non-Turkish children enrol?


All nationalities are welcome to our school to participate in a quality education
reflects both the Australian and Turkish cultures, giving students a bilingual and
bicultural education.


7. Is your school a private/independent school?


International Maarif School of Australia (IMSA) is an independent, co-educational school with an anticipated enrolment of approximately 750 students from K –12 and approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority (‘NESA’). The aim of the school is to provide its students with the best possible education in the best possible environment so that they are able to achieve the best possible educational outcomes, all underpinned by strong governance and responsible financial management.


8. What are your class sizes?


The class sizes have conservatively been set at 20 students per class whereas the school will be equipped to, and be expected to comfortably manage a class size of 25, with an overall target capacity of 750 students.


9. Are the children taught another language other than English?


Yes. The school introduces and implements bilingual education. Bilingual Education will give students the opportunity to communicate in Turkish in a very natural and inclusive learning environment which reinforces the fact that communicating in Turkish is a living experience and it is part of the curriculum.

Time allocation for Turkish classes is five class hours weekly in Kindergarten and seven hours weekly in Year 1 to Year 6. Turkish will be continued in High School through to Year 10 and will be taken as an elective for the HSC.


10. If your school is Bilingual is it compulsory for my child to learn Turkish?


New students will not be expected to have prior knowledge of Turkish. The language teachers are highly competent and skilled in the process of Turkish language acquisition. They can support and assist the students through the different learning phases.


11. Does your school offer any extracurricular activities (such as music)?


Yes. The allocation of time to each of the mandatory subjects will align with the NESA requirements with additional studies being provided in Language and a range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities. “Creative arts” is a mandatory subject in NSW school curriculum.


12. What colours are your school uniform?


The colour of school uniform will be the combination of white and turquoise as seen in the Logo of the school.


13. Do you have a support teacher?


Yes. International Maarif Schools of Australia acknowledge the value and worth of individuals. It is the role of all staff along with Learning support team to help to
facilitate a holistic learning environment appropriate to the specific needs of individual students in all years. The area of Special Needs is viewed as a whole-school cross-curricular responsibility. The learning support team includes ESL teachers, counsellor
and teacher’s aides.


14. What if my question is not answered here?


Please fell free to contact via phone 1800MAARIF



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