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Necmi Uzun

With the mission of predicating the common accumulation of mankind and the wisdom of Anatolian tradition, established on June 2016 the Turkish Maarif Foundation has founded 323 schools in 43 countries and operates various educational facilities all around the globe. Australian children could not have been devoiced of the extra-ordinary education Maarif provides so we founded the International Maarif Schools of Australia in 2019 and currently operating from Kindergarten to Year 8 in the 2022 academic year. With the vision of becoming a pioneering educational organisation, Maarif is dedicated to nurture “good people” who will employ their knowledge and wisdom for peace and tranquillity.

Maarif is a bilingual international school implementing both the Australian National Curriculum requirements and also providing intensive Turkish language and cultural programmes by professional teachers in the field. As Maarif, we believe in the revelation of the creativity, competency and skills in young learners and recognise individual differences within its community and regards diversity as an asset. To achieve these targets, we offer our students many opportunities including academic excellence, unique courses clustered in arts, drama, music and games; traditional and cultural programmes; sporting opportunities; student leadership; an accelerated and enhanced learning programmes including religious studies and inter-disciplinary initiatives. The implementation of the Early Years Literacy and Numeracy Program and the Bilingual Education Program is a solid foundation for our students. We strongly have the conviction that all humans have the creative power by virtue and it is the responsibility of education providers to extricate and cultivate these powers which is not limited just to the above mentioned disciplines but more influential in all areas of life; science, mathematics, politics, technology, teaching, arts, business etc.

Schools should provide happiness and joy for children. Research proves that such schools are much more successful in all aspects of education. Therefore, the core basis of Maarif is to ensure that every individual, including parents are happy during their Maarif years. Maarif is not in competition with any school in raising racehorses. Honesty, sincerity, respect, compassion, modesty and generosity are some of the values that cannot be acquired with a degree. Maarif graduates will hold much more precious merits. However, this does not mean that Maarif students will fall astern than their peers. Technologically supported highly effective tuition will take place during senior years in order to prepare our students for their career intentions in university.

Maarif students will become the leaders of the society. With the correct pedagogical approach in Maarif, they will gain critical and analytical thinking abilities, confidence, tolerance and integrity which will enhance their communication skills, encourage them to solve problems in all situations of life, foster an open-minded generation in order to make positive contributions to their wider community. They will be praised of being a member of Maarif.

Reaching the peak of excellence in education is not an easy task and it is a very long process. However, Maarif has a tradition of a millennium which is blended with the contemporary concepts to quality education. The values of Maarif which consist of cooperation and solidarity, confidence, inclusiveness in education, competence and virtue, universality, transparency and respect to local values all make us a very unique school entering the education system for the wellbeing of Australian children.

As the Maarif family, we are committed to achieve these goals in the very near future and create exceptional leaders to lead the society to prosperity and venerability.

Best regards,

Necmi Uzun

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