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1. Application Fee


A $150 non-refundable application fee is required to process each new enrolment.

2. Tuition Fee for 2021

Tuition fees cover exercise books, stationary pack, IPad fees and software programs.


Tuition fees do not cover uniforms, excursions and extra-curricular activities, camps and outdoor education programs.

International student fees will be $13,000 for the year.


3. Technology and Online Learning Resources Levies, 2021

Technology and Online Learning Resources Levies is $100 per year. These levies cover the device, warranty and insurance as well as the necessary online textbooks and all learning resources: Matheltics, Soundwaves, Mathseed and InitiaLit.


4. Building Fund


The Building Fund contribution is $250 per family. The payment is voluntary and contributions are tax deductible. The amounts are only recommended.


5. Sibling Discount (Primary Years only)

6. Transport Fees

Credit card payments will be subject to a 1.75% surcharge

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